Pristine Waterfront Properties in Nova Scotia

Water and View Estates

Beautiful oceanfront properties across Nova Scotia

Who is WAVE?

WAVE is an international partnership of two men with a passion for pristine water front development on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia. Richard Burns and Steffen Mangold founded WAVE in 2007. Over the years Richard and Steffen have expanded their offering and worked diligently to develop their properties to accommodate the local and international real estate market.

Meet Richard Burns

I was born and have lived all my life in Guysborough County, Nova Scotia. My home is along the beautiful St. Mary's River near the Historic Village of Sherbrooke. I have been married for 37 years to my lovely wife and we have 6 wonderful children.

My professional career started as heavy equipment operator before I’ve worked with the Nova Scotia Government at the Department of Transportation for 17 years. I started a couple of businesses and I always had an interest in the Real Estate business, so I took the Real Estate Course and started to buy and develop properties over the years.

In 2007 I went into business with Steffen Mangold. We founded and run Water and View Estates Development Ltd. together since 2007. As land developers we have purchased larger properties and developed them by building roads, installing electricity and phone lines, surveying and subdividing them into unique waterfront and water view lots. Our customers are from all over Canada, USA, and Europe. I enjoy my work very much - mostly because of the friendly and interesting people I  work with from all over the world. I've become good friends with most of my customers.

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